Our Outreach goal is to discover, develop and direct interest and concern toward local and international missions which reflect God’s love for all people. To this end, our focus has been to support specific missions which embrace youth, families, and peacemaking.


Current Missions

For several years now, TCPC has been supporting the Hope Flowers School in south Bethlehem in Palestine’s West Bank.  The school was founded to develop attitudes and skills that foster peaceful resolutions to conflict.  Hope Flowers School’s teachers and administrators are committed to providing a sound formal education and psychological and emotional support for students and their families – so needed under their current living conditions.  The school is an independent one, having no political or formal religious affiliation.  This year, 250 Muslim and Christian girls and boys attend grades 1-6.  Logistics preclude Jewish students from attending presently, but the school’s extra curricular activities, including field trips, summer camps, community meetings, and workshops, have been designed to build bridges for peace and justice.

One of our missions here in Rochester is the Alexander Apartments which provide a safe, secure and affordable living environment for people with substance abuse disabilities.  Residents have completed a treatment program, been “clean” for at least twelve months and are continuing to develop social, emotional and economic skills needed for interdependent living and leading a productive life.

Our support of Bauern Helfen Bauern (Farmers Helping Farmers) helps to bring truckloads of farm and living supplies (food, furniture, clothing, medicine, and firewood) directly to families in Bosnia.  Animals, seed, and tools are given to enable self-sufficiency.  Homes and a school have been built.  BHB reaches out to many who are too old to qualify for help from other organizations and would otherwise be destitute.