Christian Education Curriculum

TCPC frequently holds “Snack N’ Learn’ events where members are encouraged in their faith through topic based education, shared food and fellowship. See the Events Calendar for upcoming events.


Confirmation is a very special time in the life of those who wish to explore their faith in-depth.  Most commonly, confirmation classes are taken around the freshmen year of High school, but it’s possible to take them at any age.  TCPC is involved in a nationally recognized joint confirmation class, with other Presbyterian churches in the area.  Confirmands partner with a spiritual mentor of their choosing from the church and, along with all the confirmands from the participating churches and their pastors, engage in activity-based learning and deep discussions about all parts of our faith, including: what the sacraments mean, what worship is all about, what the value of prayer is, and many other parts of our common walk with God.  The gatherings meet once a month for 8 months, from September through April.  If, at the end of that time, the confirmand decides to join the church, a special time is held in a Sunday worship for them to profess their faith, and to be lifted up by the congregation as a new member.