Our mission

Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church’s purpose is to enrich the lives of its members by offering them hope, support, and a warm, welcoming community in which to flourish in an otherwise secular world. Through the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives, we encourage personal growth and a continuous journey of faith. We strive to accomplish this through our worship, educational ministries, evangelism, and outreach initiatives.

Our structure

“Like the world around us, the Christian church, too, has its calendar of seasons, its circle of spiritual practices to shape and deepen our journey of faith. If we live into these seasons, our rhythms become Christ’s rhythms; our lives become the Spirit’s life, for the God who walks with us walks with us in time.” – Rev. Brandi Wooten

In 2012, TCPC adopted a new structural model that is increasingly common in our Presbytery, the Seasons Model.  Rather than having topically based committees, such as Worship, Mission, Christian Education, and Evangelism, that run indefinitely, TCPC is led in all of these same areas by Season Teams, which guide the church for a single liturgical season (i.e. – Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, etc.).  In preparation for their leadership, these teams study scripture, work with Holy Spirit and each other to develop a specific theme for the season, and help direct the church using that theme.

During each liturgical season of the year, we have regular opportunities for hands-on mission, sharing the joy of our faith with the community, learning about Christ and our Christianity, and celebrating the special holy days of our faith.  To see what’s happening this season, see our online calendar, or follow us on Facebook.

If you’re looking to serve Christ and the community through the church, being a member of a Season Team is open to both members and regular visitors, and participation in missions and events is open to all.

“For everything there is a season, and for everything a purpose under heaven”  – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Our Staff Members

Rev. Dr. Janice Lee Fitzgerald

An Interim Ministry Specialist, Janice enjoys working with congregations and having the opportunity to share in the lives of so many people – of different ages, from different walks of...

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Wendy Yuen

Wendy is currently a DMA student in the department of Organ, Sacred Music and Historical Keyboards at the Eastman School of Music in the studio of Professor David Higgs. She...

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Peggy Baker

Peggy, Financial and Building Use Administrator, joined our church staff in 2004. In addition to keeping our financial records, she coordinates all building use activities requested by non-profit groups in our...

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