Casavant Frères Organ

Our magnificent 1967 Casavant Freres organ has undergone significant tonal revisions to make it a more versatile concert and worship instrument. Extensive mainenance was done to insure the quality and reliability of our organ which is a crucial part of our Sunday worship. Please take a look at the Online Brochure to learn more about the details of the work and the celebration of the renovated instrument. Please check out our photo gallery which shows pictures before, during and after the renovation process.

Casavant Organ Renovation

Prof. David Higgs gave a talk about the importance of taking care of pipe organs, and explained the necessity for tonal revisions. Please click to listen David Higgs (Nov. 20, 2005).


One of the main musical ensembles at Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church is the Sanctuary Choir, comprised of about 18 singers equally distributed in Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. The Choir sings for almost every Sunday morning worship services and enriches the liturgy with Introit, Anthem and Prayer Responses. During the annual concert series the choir members participate actively and have performed works such as  Vivaldi's Gloria, Handel's Messiah, Fauré's Requiem, Mozart's Masses and Requiem as well as works by Schubert and living composers such as Bonia Shur and Howard Helvey who were special guest composers during the 2006/07 concert series. Rehearsals take place in the Sanctuary on Wednesday nights 7:30-9:30 PM.

The TCPC Handbell Ensembles is comprised of about 10 ringers who perform every 4-6 weeks. The church own a 4 octave handbell set from Schulmerich as well as a 4-octave handchimes set from Mallmark. The handbell ensemble is an important part of the music program and takes a prominent place during the Choral Advent service each year. Rehearsals take place in the Sanctuary on Sundays after worship 11:40 AM – 12:30 PM.

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