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To the saints of Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church -Peace and joy to you in the coming of this new calendar year, and our continued celebration of the coming of the Light into the world, in Jesus Christ!  Throughout Advent, the light grows brighter, until it reaches its fullness at Christmas.  The light remains bright as we enter into Epiphany, and wonder what it means to live out our Epiphany season theme, “Following the Light.”

Scripture refers to the Christ as the Light, and the imagery is rich, because there are so many kinds of light that we encounter.  As we enter into this season of journeying, I invite you to consider what kind of light you need to be following right now.  Do you seek the warmth of the Christ’s love-light right now?  Do you seek the clarity of God’s illuminating spotlight?  Do you seek Jesus’ beckoning light, like a candle in a window, to lead you home?  Do you seek the pilgrim’s lantern-light, showing you the next step on the journey?  Light takes so many forms.  What kind of light do you seek in your own life this season?  What kind of light is God calling you to be for others?

As we enter into our Epiphany journey together, may God prepare you to faithfully follow the Light you most need, and faithfully shine the light of God’s love in the world.

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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