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Early this month, our nation will elect our next president.  While taking no particular stance on politics, I do want to take a moment to reflect on two ways in which I see our faith-life speaking to us as we prepare to cast our vote. 

First, to remind us that, as people of God, the responsibility for living a life of justice, mercy, and love, is ours.  The choice we make for who to vote for doesn’t replace this call.  Regardless of who our president is, each of us is called to live a life reflective of Christ’s love, every day.  As we approach the polls, then, I invite you to keep your understanding of the Way of Jesus out in front of you, asking not about who will do the best job “for” us, but “with us.”  Who do you think will make the decisions that will help you to better live out your work for God, even if they do so in a secular way?

Second, a reminder that after the election is over, there is likely to be a palpable sense of division in our nation.  Any time a community has to make a collective choice, some will feel excluded by the decision.  As those who follow Jesus’ Way of love and reconciliation, I invite you to consider how you can be an agent of healing in the days to come.  How can you be one who hears both the joy behind those celebrating the outcome, and the fear behind those grieving it?  How can you point to the common ground between those who are estranged – a reminder that we are all God’s children?  How can you live as a sign of God’s universal love, that transcends politics?

Elections are big.  God is bigger.  And, I believe, God can use any outcome to further justice, mercy, love, and peace in the world, if we allow it to be worked through us.  I offer this prayer from Cally Booker as we prepare for the election, and ask us to continue to be in prayer as agents for reconciliation after the election.

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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