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As we enter again into the Autumn of God’s creation, we’re reminded of the way the world mirrors the work of God.  When the time is right, seeds are planted.  Kernels of life waiting to grow.  Some will eventually bear fruits and vegetables to nourish.  Some will flower and fill creation with beauty and incense.  Some will grow to provide shade and rest for God’s creatures.  All will provide something that helps to sustain and further the creation of God’s design.

So, in scripture, we see it is with God.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gives the growth.”  God is constantly at work in us, giving us opportunities to plant seeds in the world, and strengthening us to take care of them.  Unlike our gardens and farms though, when we know what kind of seed we’re planting and what kind of plant it will yield, when “God gives the growth,” you never know what can happen!  It’s from this idea that the Harvest Team gives us the theme for our season, “Holy Seeds, Unexpected Harvest.”

We know many of the seeds we’re called to plant in the world, in the name of Christ – the seeds of love, mercy, faith, hope, patience, courage, forgiveness, wisdom, trust, joy, and all the seeds of the way of God.  But, we don’t always know what will come from the planting!  Sometimes the word or gesture that we think is so simple and small can affect someone in a way we could never have expected.  Sometimes a small act of faith on our part leads us into places that change our whole lives in the best ways possible!

Sowing a seed, when we don’t know what will grow from it – dedicating our time and energy to water and nourish something unseen, without knowing what it will turn into, is an act of great discipleship.  It’s an act that reveals our trust in God the Grower, and values the plant before even knowing what it will look like, simply because it is grown by God.

While we can’t know what the harvest of our actions will look like, we can be very intentional about the planting.  As we enter into this season of bounty, I invite us to keep our eyes open for opportunities to sow Holy Seeds.  Where can you place a kernel of love today?  Where can you offer a seed of understanding?  A pod of joy?  Where can you offer something holy in a small way, and trust God’s growth to do the rest – big or small?

Blessings in this season of mystery and bounty in the life of Jesus Christ!

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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