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This Pentecost season, we have been guided to reflect on our theme, “Peace to This House.”  We see in the Christ that peace is not passive, but is an active way of living with the intention of creating and being at peace.  Our call as disciples of Jesus, then, is to learn the unique Way of peacemaking taught by the Christ, and live as uniquely gifted peacemakers, in his name. 

But how do we do this?  As the famous prayer below says, we are called to be “instruments of [God’s] peace.”  That means we don’t have to create peace – God’s already done that!  We’re “simply” called to play the song of that peace wherever we go.  To go to the places where hatred exists, and play love instead.  To go to the places where there is despair, and tap out the notes of hope.  We are called into the places where people have need, to bring whatever gift will feel like fullness to them.  And in the receiving, God will grant the peace.

As we continue on with our theme this summer, I invite you to pray the following prayer, and then consider – to what place and people of need is God calling you today/this week/this summer?  What is the need, and what song will you play to meet it?

And we remember that God is with us, making peace for our souls available even as we live as instruments of peace to the glory of Christ.  Blessings on your music-making, this summer!

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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