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To the saints of Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church,

This season, we’re talking about our theme, “Peace to This House,” and the timing couldn’t be more important.  Once again, we see the world divided and self-injuring.  Violence, aggression, judgement, and anger are always at work in our world, it seems.  But, so are love, understanding, grace, and joy – because God’s Light is always at work.  As a part of that Light, our discipleship to Christ calls us to work on our own sense of peace, and to carry the wisdom that we find into the world as peace-holders.  As I listen to the following song, “Peace In This House,” by Wynona Judd, I imagine myself as a child, listening to the words coming from my Holy Parent.  In the summer months, as the light outlasts the darkness so clearly, I invite each of us to consider what we can do, with God’s help, to grow in our sense of inner and outer peace.  Helping the world increase love is our very call from Christ.  It leads to peace, but it starts with each of us, in the house of our own being.

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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