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With the celebration of Mothering Spirits in May, and Fathering Spirits here in June, the sanctity of parenthood has been on my mind. With all of the work we’re doing toward our covenant to follow into God’s plan for us, I’ve had a curiosity. I think our church is pregnant! 

(Stay with me here.) 

God seems to be bringing about some kind of new life in our midst – a growing seed that we’re nourishing with our curiosity, energy, history, imagination, faith, and love. We don’t know exactly what’s trying to be born; there’s no ultrasound for the belly of a church! But we have trust that God will reveal more to us as the seed matures. An elbow here, a foot there, and I’d imagine a hiccup or two. In time, a heartbeat, and the birth of a new sense of mission and ministry. 

Like all expecting parents, we feel the anticipation, uncertainty (dare I say, inadequacy), excitement, and joy for what will be born. And as with parents of all kinds – biological, spiritual, adoptive, foster – we trust Christ to give us just what we need to grow and care for that which God is bringing to bear in us. 

To my knowledge, there’s no “What to Expect When Your Church Is Expecting” book. But we’re also far from the first Body of Christ to grow new life for God. From ancient communities of faith to present ones, God’s Spirit is always bringing about new birthings of ministry in Christ’s Church. 

“‘Shall I open the womb and not deliver?’, says the Lord” (Is 66:9). As we open to the possibilities of what new life we might bear here at TCPC, it’s this trust in our Deliverer that allows us to be both pregnant with hope and at peace. 

This month, I invite each of us to consider, “What can I offer to the Body, to nourish the seed God is growing at TCPC?” 

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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