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Early this month, our Congregation will gather to vote on the future story that Christ has for us. It’s fitting that our Lenten theme has been “Learning and Living the Story of Lent,” as we’re reminded that God’s story continues on in us, today. In our decisions as a church, in the ways we serve our community as people of faith, in the way we help ourselves and others connect to Christ, with each action we make we are literally writing the next chapter of God’s story with his people. This month we will also transition from the season of Lent – a season of preparing to live a new way for God – into the season of Easter – a season of rebirth. Our Easter season theme this year is, “Surprised by Hope.” We remember that hope is future-oriented. It’s a way of being that always believes that something good is ahead of us. And, by the grace of God, sometimes we find the things that bring us to that belief in the most surprising places. 

As we approach the vote for our future story, and then begin learning how to live into that new life, we remember that God’s promise gives us hope. God’s promise that he is with us and guiding us to new and exciting possibilities means that we can be confident in the belief that, though we may not know exactly what it will look like, there is something very good ahead for us here at TCPC. As we continue into our Easter season, I invite you to look and listen and ask yourself regularly, “Where am I seeing the signs that something good is at work here?” Our God is a God of hope – a God who has a heavenly future in store for those who look for it, not just after our earthly life is over, but right here and now. So, keep your eyes open. How and when will God show you a reason to live in hope? It may surprise you. 

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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