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To the saints of Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church,

I pray that everyone had a blessed Christmas, and a joy-filled start to the New Year!  For many people, New Year is a time to reflect on the past year, and think ahead, for what the coming year will bring.  It’s a time for making resolutions about who we are, and who we’re called to be.  This was certainly true of the Christ in his season of Epiphany, too.  In so many of the events of this season – the gifts of the Magi, God’s voice over the waters of Jesus’ baptism, his early earthly ministry – there is a focus on learning just who this Jesus of Nazareth is.  During Epiphany this year, we'll explore the many roles of Jesus, through our season theme, “Jesus as… .”  Who is Jesus?  Who was he called to be?  This is an important question for us, if we’re going to follow him!  And, it’s a very timely question for us at TCPC as we continue on our path with New Beginnings.  As the gathering we call TCPC, who are we?  Who are we called to be?  As we learn more about the one we follow, we can learn more about ourselves as disciples, too!  As we journey on together with our questions into the New Year, I share this Epiphany reflection on the Magi’s journey, from Leith Fisher’s “The Three Kings.”  May our travels through this season give us new wisdom about who Jesus is, and who we are as disciples walking with him.

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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