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November is a month of feasting!  It begins as we feast in the Christ’s promise of life eternal, celebrating with the saints of every time and place, around this world and the world to come.  And later in the month, we share the feast of thanks giving, responding to the wonder of God’s grace, given to us through the love of the Christ.

In between these two great feasts, and even having already begun in our House Groups in October, there are other feasts to lift up.  Some of the house groups may eat together, either meals or refreshments, and that’s certainly a kind of feast.  But there’s another kind going on in those groups, too.  Each time you gather, you have the opportunity to be fed by one another’s spirit.  You are nourished by one another’s wisdom, creativity, knowledge, memories, stories, companionship, spirituality, and all of the elements of faithful living for God.  You experience joys, grief, hope, uncertainty, and excitement in these groups – and you experience it together.  You become those who feed and are fed by God’s Spirit coming through your time together, and so the time becomes more than a “planning meeting,” more even than “fellowship;” your time together becomes the deep parts of connecting as a church.  As the Christ says, “Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst of them (Matt. 18:20),” so the meetings carry that image of Jesus sitting with his disciples, observing, sharing, wondering, and learning together.  The House Groups become a deep and holy part of our life together at TCPC.

By the end of the month, the House Groups are set to end.  But the deep sense of connection and the holy work of the groups doesn’t have to end with them.  In the coming few months, there will be gatherings of the church leaders and the whole congregation – each one an opportunity for the same deep spirit of community.  And as we move forward, following God into the future story God has planned for Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church, we can continue to feast together, nourishing each other’s faith, and receiving the unique Bread of Life and Living Water as we’re fed with Holy Spirit.

As we prepare for a great feast at the end of our preparations this month, nourishing us for our journey into the future story ahead of us, let us also remember how we are fed along the way – by God and one another – with the bounty of loving community.  Amen.

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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