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So far during this season of Pentecost, we’ve focused on our theme “The Spirit of Sabbath” by looking at our own spirits, and how to find rest for them. At the same time, you may notice that the word “Spirit” in our theme, is capitalized. We’re reminded that it’s not just that we seek rest, but that our God is a God of rest. Not to be confused with laziness or inaction, God’s rest is a sense of peace and wellness that exists even during times of uncertainty, pain, sadness, and even aggression. To be sure, in scripture we see Spirit’s emotions in God’s anger and compassion, and in the tears of the Christ. Scripture also tells us that with God as the Creator, Alpha, Omega, and Ever-present One, God knows that all will be well. By God’s example, then, we learn that we don’t have to choose between our genuine feelings and a sense of rest – we can have both, even at the same time. We can acknowledge that we are afraid, excited, grieving, lost, celebrating… . And, we can find a sense of grounded peace and rest, all at once. How? By remembering that God is with us. God is there in all of the emotions, feeling them with us. And God is already there at the outcome of what will be, waiting for us with open, loving arms. When we can trust both of these things to be true – God’s present acceptance of how we feel and God’s future promise that all will be well – our souls can be at rest, no matter what goes on around us. 

As we reach the end of the summer, we will come to a close on our theme of “The Spirit of Sabbath,” but that doesn’t mean we have to stop focusing on the need for rest in our lives. As we move into the fall, we will talk more about New Beginnings for TCPC and our upcoming House Group Meetings. It will be a time filled with emotions of all kinds. It can also be a time of continued rest in our souls, individually and as a congregation, if we trust that God is with us as we walk, and is already waiting for us at our destination. May we continue to learn and practice Sabbath well this season, and allow the Spirit of Sabbath to bring out the restful soul that is in each of us. 

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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