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Summer is a time of busyness – of yard work and cleaning, of planning for trips and seeing sights.  Summer is also a time of rest – of hammocks and beach-lying, of campfires and firefly-watching.  As we experience all the wonders of God’s creation this season, I invite us into this prayer of appreciation for, and rest in, midsummer Sabbath:


We give thanks for the joy of creation:
for all that is made and given;
for all that we shape and create;
for the springing forth of new vision.

We give thanks for the vitality of re-creation:
for times of rest and stillness that renew us;
for times of play and laughter that refresh us;
for all that nourishes and restores our spirits.

We give thanks for the depth of passion:
for the vision that inspires our longing;
for love that brings strength and tenderness;
for all that touches our deepest core.

We give thanks for the rhythm of the seasons:
for all that grows, blossoms and fades;
for the seeds that are buried and spring again;
for the constant renewal of life from the earth.

We celebrate the flowering of hope.
We give thanks for the fruits of the earth.
We praise the God for the goodness of growth.  Amen.

May this season be filled with such gratitude, rest, joy, and renewal for you all this season!

Peace in the Grace of Christ,

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