Our Session’s Plan for the Phased Reopening of our Church Building

Our building has been closed since NYS entered into the COVID-19 pandemic. Session has prayerfully and thoughtfully approved our COVID-19 re-opening plan (click on blue button below to read). We will, as is recommended, phase our re-opening to ensure that we are able to keep up with cleaning/disinfecting requirements and supplies and to adjust as we go along. The first group in the building will be the Twelve Corners Nursery School. The Nursery School will begin orientation of very small groups of children starting on September 14 and by the last week of September will work up to school on Mondays/Tuesdays for 4 year olds and Thursdays/Fridays for 3 and 4 year olds with Wednesdays reserved for cleaning rooms, toys and equipment. Ongoing school operation will be dependent upon NYS health guidelines through the fall and winter.

If the way be clear and NYS health guidelines allow, we will begin a hybrid approach to worship on Sunday, September 27. Because we are aware that there are those of us who are eager to return to inperson worship and also that there are those of us for whom the risks of gathering in a physical space feel too great, we will offer two different worship experiences each week: • Online Worship via Zoom will continue indefinitely but will move to 10:30 am on September 27 using the same Zoom login and phone numbers and passcodes. The services will continue as they have been these last months with hymns, the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, etc.

• In-person worship in the Sanctuary will recommence at a new time: 9:30 am starting on September 27. We will follow current pandemic best practices for church services held in an enclosed spaces: We will use limited entrances wearing masks at all times and maintain social distancing; names and contact info will be recorded; we will hear the Liturgist raise readings and prayers; we will hear the pastor preach; we will be able to offer silent prayers in our own ways in a space that is precious to us and with others from our church family. However, the service will be shorter than before; we will not have a choir or sing hymns; announcements and Joys & Concerns will be send in ahead of time for the pastor to read; we will not rise and Pass the Peace; instead of passing offering plates, we will use a beautiful new Offering Box, built by Nelson Cole, as we leave the sanctuary; we will enter and leave in one order without lingering in the hallways or Parlor for conversation. We will be able to accommodate a maximum of 39 people in the sanctuary.

All meetings will remain online. Office Staff will continue to work predominantly from home. At the September Session meeting Session will review what has been happening across the community as more activities resume across the community after Labor Day and hopes to be able to phase in a couple of our community groups to meet in the Fellowship Hall around mid-October with an attendance maximums of 23 while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Walk through our doors and experience a place where: God is encountered in worship, work and fellowship, dialogue and experiential learning occur, spiritual renewal is nurtured and all are welcome as God’s children.

Our Church has always been active in the Brighton community.  In fact, our church houses many community events and organizations including: Twelve Corners Nursery School, Lilac Children’s Garden, Golden Link Folksingers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, many support groups, Adirondack Mountain club, Rochester Dance Network, and Rochester Philatelic Association.

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